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Death is the most beautiful adventure in life.Charles Frohman

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Sarto Esteves who was born in India on August 28, 1919 and passed away on October 25, 2012. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.
  Dr Sarto Esteves was born in Solvá, Raia, Goa, of the then República Portuguesa Indian subcontinent overseas territory on the 28th of August , 1919 to Roque Piedade Felicio Esteves and Argentina Maria Quadros e  Esteves.He was one of nine children in the family .His mother belonged to the aristocratic 'Quadros' family. He lost his parents at a very young age and later came to Mumbai for his education .He studied first in Antonio De Souza High School, Byculla and later in St Mary's High School, Mazagaon, and was a topper throughout his school career, winning many prizes in various fields.He then continued his college education in St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.
  He received his Doctorate in Political Science from the Bombay University in 1972. Besides a Communication expert, he has also been a freelance journalist for over 50 years and an author of around 20 books, whose subjects range from Politics to Religion to Goa.He had also been contributing articles in the media throughout India on a variety of subjects like Minorities and their Rights, Goa Polities, Secularism, Communalism etc.His writing had a finesse of their own , bore the stamp of refined scholarship and exuded a cultivated style that very few people can match.They were a testimony of his faith and patriotism.
   As a thinker and intellectual, he was very much concerned about the monster of communalism that threatened the stability and integrity of India, and the manner in which all types of disruptive and disintegrating force were being alllowed to gain supremacy by the power-that-be.His articles in the Catholic newsweekly, ''The Examiner'', were a regular contribution especially in the Christmas issue.He had also contributed learned articles and well- ducumented papers on a a number of subjects which have occupied prominent positions and even appeared as editorials in leading  publications like The Secular Citizen and the Indian Currents from Delhi.
   As a young man, he was an active member of the Men's Sodality in Mumbai. Later he moved to Chembur in the early 1960's and had since been a very active parishoner and confidant of the Redemptorist Fathers.He was the one instrumental in helping the first principal of OLPS, Fr. Brian McGrath, an Irish Redemptorist to raise funds to set up the first school building and this was the beginning of a long association between the Redemptorists and the Esteves family.He was also a close confidant of several personalities including Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Late Cardinal Valerian Gracias, Late Cardinal Ivan Dias,  Late Cardinal Simon Pimenta, Late Bishop Ferdinand Fonseca, Late Fr. John Correia Afonso and Maj. Gen. Eustace D'souza.
   Dr. Esteves passed away on the 25th of October, 2012, at the ripe old age of 93 in Chembur, Mumbai.
   A scholarship in memory of late Dr. Esteves has been instituted at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour High School, Chembur.
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University of Bombay Eucharistic Congress 1964 Dr. Esteves with Cardinal Valerian Gracias Dr.Esteves with the Governor of Goa Dr. Esteves exiting Raj Bhavan,Goa
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